Therapy Services

Effective Treatments To Heal from Trauma

Therapies Tailored for All Ages and Needs

We all have different experiences and needs. Lily Anderson LLC uses evidence-based best practices to help bring positive change and resolve to current struggles and symptoms you or your loved ones are facing.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

This psychotherapy is designed to help people relieve emotional distress caused by traumatic events. At Lily Anderson LLC, we provide EMDR to adults, teens, and children who are experiencing symptoms from Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) and PTSD. 

Brain research shows that many of the symptoms we experience are often the results of our brains' efforts to adapt to various past experiences which may have been too overwhelming to process at the time. Brain research also confirms that we can heal from our symptoms through trauma therapy. 

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

Improve your children’s well-being by building a better relationship with them. We provide a treatment program that will address your child's behavioral, emotional, and attachment needs while strengthening your bond with each other.

Integrated Treatment

At Lily Anderson LLC, therapists have evidence-based best practices trainings and continued consultations to treat co-occurring disorders by providing multiple treatment modalities to bring healing within oneself and within child-parent relationships.


What to Expect

As a client at Lily Anderson LLC

  • A 15 minute phone assessment to confirm your identified needs will be met with the services available.
  • An initial assessment session to identify current symptoms and needs, along with past related experiences.
  • A treatment planning session to co-create an individual treatment plan to fulfill desired goals, with psychoeducation about different therapy options and expectations.
  • Sessions providing coping skills and resourcing tools to reduce distress from current stressors and trauma reprocessing.
  • Additional sessions utilizing EMDR reprocessing along with other treatment modalities to heal from and reduce symptoms of past, present, and future stressors and triggers.
  • Linkages and co-cordination of care to other healthcare professionals and external resources, as needed.

Set an Appointment

Let Lily Anderson LLC guide you and your loved ones on a healing journey to find relief from the symptoms you currently experience. To discuss your needs and availability, please call for your 15 minute phone consultation at (309) 620-5788