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I remember feeling so excited and so nervous after completing my EMDR Basic Training.

“What if I’m not prepared to work with my complex trauma clients? What if I retraumatize a client? How do I incorporate EMDR with treatment modalities I’m already using?” I knew EMDR was the key, but I was not sure about my own readiness and decided to reach out.

Fortunately, Ana Gomez, who worked with Francine Shapiro, and specializes in EMDR with children, complex trauma, and dissociation, became my consultant. As I earned my EMDRIA-approved EMDR Certified Therapist certification, my confidence and competence increased significantly.

Practicing as a trained and competent EMDR therapist, you also need to feel confident in using the EMDR protocol while blending your skills as a psychotherapist and incorporating past treatment modalities used. Lily Anderson LLC offers EMDR Consultation, which will provide you with the competency and confidence you need to have in order to successfully treat your clients' current symptoms by skillfully reprocessing their past traumas to heal.

As an EMDR Approved Consultant

Under Deany Laliotis, who also worked with Francine Shapiro, and specializes in attachment/developmental/complex trauma, I also learned to find the balance between the EMDR protocol and psychotherapy, along with developing "excellence and mastery" which I wish to pass along to other EMDR trained therapists.

My goal is to assist other EMDR trained therapists to be more confident and competent in their practice with EMDR. I have heard too many stories, some from my own clients, about EMDR therapists being unsuccessful and retraumatizing. This should never be the case. Seeking consultation from a well-trained consultant will help bring you the success EMDR research confirms you can have.

Now more than ever, we are being sought out by clients suffering from past traumas exacerbated by the current ones faced today. We have the tools, but do we know how to use them with excellence and mastery? If you are unsure of the answer, I invite you to contact me for more information on EMDR consultations. Whether for EMDR skill-building or certification, I consult in group settings and individually, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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